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Escape game for students and not only...

Brussels truly has many escape room games to offer! Here is one more, a relatively new but promising one. Escape Rush is located near the ULB University Brussels and we suppose will be the beloved escape game of many students of the city. Escape Rush has currently one game: the technological Submarine Bunker. A second one, the movie-inspired White House Down, is coming soon. As any classical escape game, this one offers plenty of complicated riddles, labyrinthine puzzles and a complex plot. Thanks to its well-though-out interior, creatively decorated with many atmospheric details, you will plunge into the mysterious world of escape room concealing secrets and enigmas. Come and try to escape the room in 60 minutes at Escape Rush! Are you studying at ULB and want to try a escape game nearby, or you are a big escape room fan visiting the capital of Belgium and willing to see all and each escape room game in Brussels? Come and have a game at Escape Rush!

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Gift voucher at escape the room game

Do you want to give an unusual gift for a birthday or a special date? What about a gift certificate for a escape game? Escape Rush, just as any other escape room in Brussels, offers you the possibility of getting a escape game gift voucher for your friends, colleagues or family. You would be surprised to know how many people actually would love to visit a escape room but either don't dare or never find the time. Make a great present for someone, get him or her a gift card to a escape room! Escape game is an unforgettable and fun experience for everyone. Of corse, there are escape games with different levels of difficulty, so check what suits you or your friends the best. And in the worst case scenario you can alway quit the room during the game if you really don't like or don't feel fine. But most probably it won't happen and you will escape the room, hopefully in 60 minutes, with lots of great emotions and fun experience! Check the Escape Rush page for more information, opening hours and tariffs.

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