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Escape room Brussels with 3 games

The escape the room game Escape Prod offers 3 games: cowboy jail breakout Daltons' escape and private detective story Blacksad, both in their location in the city center, and one special live escape game that takes place in the real streets of Brussels, The secret of The Manneken Pis. That's innovative and exciting, because you can choose between classic riddles game to escape the room in 60 minutes or try a real adventure in a escape game in the open air in Brussels' streets. Wondering about the prices and options for Dalton escape game or Blacksad escape game? Check out the page of Escape Prod Brussels for more information. Get some inspiration for a birthday gift, ask about a escape game gift voucher. We are sure the presentee will be excited to receive an escape game gift certificate and probably will invite you to escape the room together! The secret of The manneken Pis could be a good option for big groups of players, for example, if you visit the capital of Belgium with a group of tourists or you are a big group of friends and colleagues who want to play the escape the room game. By the way, price for participation in Dalton or Blacksad escape games is more interesting for big groups!

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Outdoor escape game in Brussels

Both indoors and outdoors escape games at Escape Prod are suitable for team building activities. Did you already do teambuilding in a escape room? If not, you might be positively surprised by how fascinating and immersive it is! Escape room offers a great opportunity for improving relationships in a team and learning cohesive communication and actions, in short all what good teambuilding is meant for. Are you a small company or a big holding? Is your company located in Brussels, are you in a business trip here, visiting a congress or exhibition or looking for a nice venue for a corporate event? A corporate event, party or team building at Escape Prod escape room is a great opportunity to having fun with your co-workers in a escape room in Brussels city center while working hard on your team bonding and group cohesion. Check the Escape Prod web page for tariffs, opening hours and more. This escape room is among the 10 best escape rooms in Brussels, and that is not in vain! You will enjoy a quality escape room experience and will have lots of fun solving riddles and finding keys to escape the room, be it with Dalton or with Blacksad! See more over here

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