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Big scale escape game in Brussels

Escape game Breakout takes place in nowhere but the Autoworld museum of Brussels! This escape game is probably one of the most different from the others, because it is not happening literally in the room of escape, but in a huge pavilion of the museum. The game is called The Houdini Room and is meant for companies and large groups of players, for example for teambuilding activities in Brussels held by local companies or companies visiting Brussels for an exhibition or symposium. The great effect the escape game has on the group cohesion and on the relationships amongst colleagues is already well known. That's why the organisers of Breakout escape game have put their effort in making a big real concept out of it. Do you want to arrange a teambuilding activity in Brussels? Do you think that team building in a escape room is what you need? Go on and check all the needed info, tariffs and options on the page of Breakout escape game!

escape game room tariffs

Team building for big enterprises

Escape game Breakout is THE great option for team building or another corporate event, because basically they are specialised in working with companies. So even if you are organising teambuilding for a big business, you will find what you need at the Breakout escape game concept. No waiting or splitting your department colleagues in little groups. You can go and play all together! Isn't it an amazing way to do a teambuilding event in Brussels? Even the classic escape room game is really effective as a team bonding tool: you work well together with your co-players and colleagues, and you learn how to communicate efficiently and reach the common goal of escaping the room in the 60 minutes time you are given. Escape game nowadays belongs to the list of best team building tools, and we believe it really is so! Are you looking for the best teambuilding activity in Brussels? Check Breakout escape room, or better say, go on and play! We believe it will be a great way to spend quality time with your colleagues and have a really fun corporate event!

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