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Escape the room game conquers the world : you can find it in nearly each one of the world's capitals, and Brussels is no exception.

The city accommodates around a dozen escape the room games, and with this selection can satisfy the tastes of all players. Are you looking for an escape room in Brussels? Wondering about the opening hours, availability and prices for a escape game in Brussels? Thinking to get an escape room gift voucher for your friend or family member? You are on the right page here! We will be pleased to introduce you our list of the best escape rooms of Brussels, providing detailed descriptions of Brussels best escape rooms, contact details and other useful information and links.

escape game room games

Most escape rooms in Brussels are located centrally

Easily achievable by public transport or even on foot from the main city sights. However there is one place we would call a real escape room Mecca: Rue Saint-Jean. This little street in the heart of Brussels, a few steps from the famous Grand Place, has already become home to 3 escape rooms : Escape the Room in 60 Minutes, Quarantine and, just on the corner with Place de l'Albertine, Enygma Escape Room. Probably Rue Saint-Jean is the right destination for binge escaping :) If you are visiting Belgium, and want to have a concise but intense visit program or are new to escape game experience, this place might be a good option to start with.

Depending on your taste and wishes, you can choose from a variety of escape game themes : the attic story of Sherlock Holmes in the escape game with the same name, another Sherlock inspired detective scene at Escape Hunt, classical riddle escape games as Let Me Out and Escape Rush, or bank robbery at Dalton escape game. Escape game Breakout offers a rather different experience : it does not have the attributes of the classical detective story or riddle quest. No mysterious dusky room with theatric decorated interior, hidden doors and creaky stairways to the basement, if you understand what we mean :) This game takes place in the building of Autoworld museum of Brussels, and is suitable for fairly large groups of people, even if they are strangers. As you can see, Brussels has many different escape rooms to offer, and although it's up to you to decide which one to choose, we are sure you'll love it! Escape game swiftly gains popularity as a great teem building activity. Maybe one of Brussels' escape rooms will become the next place for your company's team building! Also, a escape room gift certificate is nowadays a cool gift for your friend of beloved one... it's fresh, unusual and exciting. Don't hesitate to check the list of the best escape games in Brussels, which we carefully prepared for you.

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    escape room Brussels

    Escape the room game conquers the world : you can find it in nearly each one of the world's capitals, and Brussels is no exception.

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