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Escape the room game in the heart of Brussels

This escape room is situated close to the historical city center of Brussels and is easy to find if you are coming from the Grand Place or from the Gare Centrale railway station. Enygma escape room has 3 escape games with exciting themes for any taste: Sherlocked, based on the famous story of London's detective, the esoteric Mr. Fogg's residence, and a jungle escape in Mayan Temple. All games are exciting, their puzzles and clues will make your brains work for sure! This escape the room game is located very conveniently just next to another famous escape game in Brussel, called Escape the Room in 60 minutes. If you like escape games, you can even try both rooms! You won't be disappointed because both belong to the list of the best escape games in Brussels.

Team building which is fun and efficient!

You probably have already heard that the escape room game has become one of the most wanted and most efficient team building activities out there. No more dull far-fetched teambuilding! Teambuilding in the escape room is the new black! Escape game is meant to bring the players together and teach them how to communicate in the most effective way to achieve goals. It sounds very much like a great team building strategy! You can arrange a corporate event at Enygma escape room in Brussels, check out their website or pop in for more information, prices and availabilities. Also you can get an escape game gift certificate for your friends or family members, as a birthday gift or just a sign of appreciation.

This escape game located in Brussels' city center is suitable for all players, from beginners to escape game pros. Don't be afraid, you are "locked" in the room but you can always ask for the help of the escape game moderator or stop it if you don't feel ok or don't like it anymore. Tariffs are variable depending on the number of players, so don't hesitate to taking your friends, colleagues or family with you - the more players the more advantageous it becomes. Escape room is the game for everyone and each and every player will find something nice and exciting in it: you solve the clues and riddles if you are good at puzzles and math, or you find hidden objects if you are agile. Escape game is fun for everyone! Enygma escape Brussels welcomes you every day of the week! voir plus sur Le site de l'établissement

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