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This is my first Escape game experience

Even if you have never been to a escape room, probably you have heard about it from your friends, colleagues or at least in the media. In a nutshell, escape game is a live adventure game in which players are immersed into a secret plot and must solve puzzles, find hidden objects and decipher riddles in order to find the keys to escape the room they are locked in. And all this within 60 minutes, so time is ticking! Escape quest is a very interactive game, because its well elaborated decorations and exciting plot make you believe you are a part of a real story! There are plenty of themes out there : detectives, horrors, science, ancient world, prisons & spies... In Brussels there is even an escape game in VR glasses! In short, everyone will find something to his liking - escape the room game is innovative and exciting!

escape game exciting find

I'm an Escape room pro, bring it on !

You can be an escape game enthusiast who takes it seriously trying to break a time record to escape the room, or just be fooling around with your mates searching for hidden items, solving clues and simply having fun. Escape game Brussels welcomes everyone! Escape game is very immersive, basically that's the goal! But at the same time you can stop it and ask the moderator to quit at anytime, should you not feel fine anymore. But this is rather an exception: the game of escape is exciting and leads away even the sceptic ones. Of course, escape game exists in different levels: escape game for beginners, medium or difficult level. You can always choose the game you can handle, because in the first place the challenge of escape the room should remain fun.

Are you looking for a gift for someone, but ran out of inspiration? What about an escape game gift voucher? It's a nice alternative to an ordinary gift card from a shop. It's also unusual and exciting, and we would even say fashionable, because the escape room concept gets trendy nowadays. Everyone wants to try to escape the room in 60 minutes! Brussels has many very diverse escape the room games for every taste, and all of them offer gift certificate. Check out our list of the best escape games in Brussels and find out descriptions, coordinates and tariffs. If you are searching for an escape room in another location in Belgium, we will show you where to have a look!

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